Here you are going to know about what is visualization workflow

Visualization workflow is simply seeing a picture in your mind. here we are going to discuss about what is visualization workflow

Visualizing workflow yourself performing perfectly(mentally rehearsing in your mind’s eye your life going smoothly) is an exercise you repeat 10-50 times, over a few minutes or so.

This is how I do it. In the morning before work I put on some inspiring music and settle into a comfy chair, close my eyes, and relax.

I then spend 20 minutes listening to the music and imagining myself performing superbly at work, at the gym, socially—any area that I care about.

I replay the scenes of my perfect performance in my mind again and again and again until I can easily see myself

(and believe myself) performing at the level I’ve always dreamed of.


 When I started doing this visualizing it felt a little strange,

I must admit, but now I’m very comfortable doing it. In fact, it’s one of the most enjoyable activities in my day.

Visualization has been used for thousands of years by Indian, yogis to enhance their powers

but since the East German Olympic team pioneered its use in modern sport in the 1960s,

it has become a vital part of many pro sports teams’ training systems.

And with good reason-countless research studies have shown that athletes

who consistently visualize performing well actually do perform better, often dramatically better.

         At the risk of simplifying an extremely complex subject, there are two primary reasons why mental rehearsal improves performance levels.

how visualization works in the brain

The first is that your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a real event and one that is vividly visualized.

so if you see yourself hitting a ball with a bat beautifully in your mind,

and you replay that vision repeatedly over several weeks, you will in all probability improve your standard of hitting because the subconscious believes you’re practicing it for real.

The second reason visualization works so well was only discovered relatively recently.

It has to do with your brain’s plasticity when you have a thought or perform an action,

a physical pathway in your brain is created, known as a synapse.If you repeat that thought or action the pathway gets strengthened.

So if you continually practice doing the same thing (even if it’s only in your mind),

as the pathway gets stronger you tend to get better at it. Your brain actually changes its structure to help you do that task more easily.

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