TIME BLOCKING: Create blocks to do jobs

Here we are going to discuss about TIME BLOCKING and how to create blocks to do jobs

The more you get interrupted, the less effective you’ll be. Productivity expert Brian Tracy has said that it usually takes three times as long as the interruption itself to get over the interruption and back to full concentration again.

To get loads of stuff done, you really must block out chunks of quiet time where you can work solidly without interruption for an extended period. Do this and your daily productivity will skyrocket.

There are several ways you can block out time to work. You can tell your colleagues not to interrupt you for one or two hours at a particular time each day.

You can work at home or in a nearby café. Or you can book a boardroom or conference room in your office for an hour or two. Sure, it can sometimes be hard to lock yourself away,

But you must insist that other people respect your quiet time. For the first few days people will barge in on you, but after a firm word or two from you they’ll soon get the message.

Even at home this method works. The fact is, any task gets done more quickly and easily when you force yourself to stick to it without pausing or being interrupted.

TRY THIS TECHNIQUE: By Vilfredo Pareto


You’ll enjoy a quantum leap in your effectiveness. What a wonderful principle this is. The famous 80/20 rule was popularized by an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto in the 19th century:

Basically it shows that in almost any area of life, about 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of the actions.

The breakthrough that stems from this principle is clear: around 80 percent of what you do hardly matters at all! This is a provocative even starting theory at first, but soon becomes an exciting one.

Because if only 20 percent of what you do gets you most of the good results, you don’t have to spend countless hours at work. All you have to do is concentrate on the very small, vital tasks that really make a difference.

This may seem elementary, but its ramifications are profound. When you start following the 80/20 rule all day long, it is absolutely amazing what you can get done.

Very often just one simple hour’s work spent on that crucial top 20 percent of tasks will make a massive impact on your results.

Just imagine what you could achieve if you spent all day working on that important 20 percent-you could literally increase your productivity by a whopping 400 percent!

The 80/20 rule isn’t just a revolution ineffectiveness:

The main thing of TIME BLOCKING, it’s a huge stress reliever too. Make 80/20 thinking a major part of your life and you won’t feel as overloaded with unimportant work jobs,

you’ll be able to leave work earlier, you’ll be promoted faster, get rich quicker and, if you like, retire earlier. All these delightful results will be possible because you’ll be achieving significantly more with much less effort.

But living the 80/20 way is not easy. It’s very tempting to be conventional in our use of time.

It takes considerable courage to buck the usual work trends and work in different ways to everyone else. Some of your coworkers won’t like it. Some of your friends will find your new productivity habits peculiar, too.

You yourself will find that you will regularly slip back into the traditional hard-slog ways of working But stick with it. Make 80/20 thinking a habit and

you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank-not to mention enjoying a superior way of life with minimal stress and maximum achievement.

I believe in the 80/20 rule so strongly that I literally have those numbers framed on my desk where I can see them each and every day. Once it becomes part of your day it can make a stupendous difference to the quality of your life.

By the way, the most renowned expert on 80/20 theory is Richard Koch, a highly successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist

who has written no less than three books just on this subject. my favorite is Living the 80/20 Way and I heartily recommend it.

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