Hey here we are going to discuss Public Speaking Tips: Simon Sinek and Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking – How to CAPTIVATE an Audience

you’re not a hundred percent sure what could happen, if you keep going you can do it tomorrow, it’s going to be better what do you tell people

when they ask you to know how can I present like you how can I get better the thing, that helps is I’ve learned about the perspective to change my perspective,

So, for example, I show up to give. I always remind people that the most important thing about being an effective presenter an effective speaker is you have to show up with a giving attitude

Show Up:

You have to show up to give you know something, you’ve seen something you’ve done something, you’ve tried something that someone else thinks others need to hear

That’s why they invited you to speak the problem is the number of people, who shows up to take to get. You can see it; it’s very plain to see people ask a question.

They say you’ll have to buy my book or you could tell me the answer because you know the answer because you wrote the book right,

but clearly, they’re trying to drive book sales it’s a taking mentality every single slide of their PowerPoint has their Instagram, their email, their website, their Facebook,
well clearly they want you to follow

Them they want you to reach out the last slide is their website and their email right
they have a taking mentality they come up,

And the first thing they do is tell you their credentials, hi my name is you know dr. blah-dee-blah I have six PhDs I’ve worked for 55 companies

I advise CEO

I advise CEOs and generals and let me tell you a little something
it’s about them it’s very easy and very quick to discern whose the giver and who’s the taker,

The best speakers a hundred percent of them you look at all the top ten folks in a certain Robinson, Amy, Cuddy brane Brown Dan pink

All of them there to give none of them want anything from anybody, not even your nobody’s I don’t know any great speaker that stands in the backstage

That goes I’m going to get a standing ovation you may get one if you earn it if they decide that what you have given them as a value.

that’s not the reason you show up to give how do you guys experience fear when you speak how many of you by show of hands know that public speaking is fundamental to your industry

Avoid Your Fear (Public Speaking Tips: Simon Sinek)

Your career by show of hands how many of you by show of hands honestly speaking experience a little bit of fear when we talk about public speaking where your hand is and over the last three years

I had an opportunity to travel the country and deliver presentations like this then what I’ve picked up on is that there are certain patterns and certain skill sets that

if applied can make a public speech amazing if you follow these principles that we’re going to talk about today I think I don’t care what industry you’re part of

I don’t care what work you’re in I don’t care what year you are I don’t care how old you are I believe if you apply these principles today, you can literally transform where you are and take the journey to

Where you want to be straightforward, I believe there are three principles three A’s of public speaking three things that

I wanted to leave you with today, and I believe if you take action on it you’re going to be like oh my god I’m glad I came

Number One: (Authenticity Engages)

  • I want to make this very clear so I’m thinking to myself and what I used to do is when I prepare I would give a talk at least a hundred times before

I give it to write that down I give it mentally I give it out I talk to people conversationally in the shower like okay this is okay

I do this right, and I think to myself PowerPoint or no PowerPoint that’s all I think I’m like okay if I get this presentation should I use the PowerPoint behind me, so I use me or say here’s the PowerPoint,

So I’m researching, and I’m watching, then you could imagine, and I’m like okay they do this they do that okay I’ve seen good ones with the PowerPoint

I’ve seen good ones without and what I notice is I said you know what I’m going to ask my closest friends and family

Should You Use PowerPoint:

I’m going to take a poll, twelve people, that I love that know me well, I said sister should I use a PowerPoint, she goes yeah something to back you up use a PowerPoint,

I go mom she said I use a PowerPoint she says no PowerPoint use, you I say bro said he use a PowerPoint he goes yeah you need the stats to back up, what you’ve done

I said cool I go through the entire list six I put the list down and I go what I was thinking with an even number I’m getting ready for the biggest speech of my professional life

Right in professionals people that I love are telling me no PowerPoint and it’s six and I’m like how am I going to break this time

I’m like wait I didn’t ask one person, I didn’t ask myself, what I would be most comfortable with to present when we talk about public speaking and

Why I say authenticity engages listen to me here you have to know yourself before you go and seek advice you have to speak from the gut before you go and

Ask because when you’re talking to an audience, the audience can feel realness and you have to be yourself if you can’t be yourself you will never engage in the way

What you want to that I have to listen to me first in order to really deliver a message that informs in inspires

Number Two: (Awareness)

before the event you know you want to be early, you want to be ready know your audience know your crowd, I hear like all this partying type thing going on, like what’s going on and

I go down and they have an open bar and they had the open bar for hours they were lit guys, they were lit right and so listen

I go to the event I’m in my mind I’m thinking it’s going to be a professional motivational this is what you need to do and I walk into a party and so as a speaker

I’m thinking oh my goodness like I was prepared to do one thing I flew all the way here and there’s literally a party in the audience, like the wave the energy is like hey

I hope this guy’s cool I hope he’s goanna you know have a joke and I’m like that’s not the content, that I delivered so I get up they call me up and

I walk up just like this and they’re as quiet as you guys are they’re literally staring at me like what’s this guy about right and at that moment

I decided right before I got up I said you know what I’m goanna tell a story and I said before I begin

My One Story on the Stage: Simon Sinek

I just want let you guys know I’m coming from Sacramento and I hopped on the plane and I met an individual and were chatting it up and he thought I was going to give a presentation in Colorado and

I told him no I’m actually giving a presentation in Sioux Falls and the look on his face was blank and he said excuse me but where I said Sioux Falls

Then he said these three words and I’ll never forget it he said are you sure and I said that and there was a man sitting right where you’re sitting and he literally laughed like

He was at a Kevin Hart special he lost I’m talking chair went back he’s laughing so hard it’s about a crowd of 200 that everybody

If somebody lough:

You guys ever caught this when somebody laughed so hard that you have to laugh the whole crowd literally just starts busting laughing and

I start laughing from the stage I’m like man if this is how it’s goanna be let’s have a good time and at that moment I realized something

Because the old me would have been so stuck on the preparation part that I would have never had the audacity, I would have never had the awareness situational awareness is

what I mean when you speak or present sometimes things will not go as planned and there’s no way to plan for it and what you have to do is be fluid and malleable and

Ready to rock with the situation and if you have situational awareness what often can happen is you can play on what is happening I said huh open bar alcohol social event

I’m coming with motivation, if I switch it just like this and tell a joke and let them know, I’m not all serious up here, the audience will be on my side

Number Three (Audacity)

Audacity informs and inspires you have to be bold in order to give a speech, that’s going to last how many you guys experienced fear

When you speak fear of an opinion of other fear of being criticized fear of not being good enough, fear of tripping up on a word fear of what you look like

We know that fear drives most of us and I’m here to tell you that audacity is what you need boldness is, what you need if you want to deliver something and absolutely be transformative.

Number Four (Passionate)

I’m passionate about this I believe this because I live this I’m telling you have to be bold you can’t have stepped into your presentation, you have to be bold you cannot half-step into your presentation and

One of the ways in which we do that is we deliver a story includes power stories are powerful they’re the most powerful thing that you can do when you open your mouth

Because the brain operates in pictures and a story has the ability to paint the picture in the mind of another individual

About TED Talks:

They did a study about TED Talks in the top TED Talks I’m talking the million hits the top TED Talks 85 percent of them were story-centric stories can be crossed over to any industry at any time

whether you’re telling your personal story whether it’s Martin Luther King delivering a speech whether it’s a president of a country a story is a thing that has time sit and lets you go like this

huh Dori is powerful right never tell a story without making a point but never make a point without telling a story like look use the story to drive home

What you’re trying to do it crosses every industry every anything that you want to do a story will get you there

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