Here we are going to know about POWERFUL PRINCIPLES FOR SUCCESS and what is the role of it in our life.

Note:   There are all 15 chapters to complete this and all are in two parts and  this is the first part and for second part  click here

The principles I share in the pages that follow have helped me enormously, and if you apply them diligently to your own life, they are sure to do the same for you.

Here’s a brief review of some of the areas of failure I examine in this book.

In Chapter One:

 I look at the importance of developing a crystal clear direction and purpose for your life. Most people simply do not have one. As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar famously remarked.

Most people are a wandering generality rather than a meaningful specific.” This lack of clarity about our life purpose weakens our effectiveness to a massive degree.

So I look at some potent exercises to get you clear and motivated about what you most want out of your life.

In Chapter Two:

I investigate the insidious damage that destructive thinking does to your psyche. I show you that such negative thinking is common in the mindset of failure.

Not only is destructive thinking disastrous for our chances of success but I also provide evidence that it damages our health as well.

I also reveal some simple ways to turn your thinking around and increase your sense of well-being and happiness markedly. Next up, I look at productivity.


 In Chapter Three:

We all have the same 168 hours a week,

But some people achieve enormous things at that time and others do little more than eat and sleep. Why?

The answer, to a large degree, depends on how productive you are each hour of the day.

You can be motivated, you can be intelligent, but if you are disorganized and ineffective in your actions then failure will be your close companion.

Actually, in my early to mid-twenties I was one of those people, Time and time again I let myself down with my lack of organizational skills and productivity systems.

I have subsequently spent hundreds of hours studying the world’s most respected time management experts’ works and integrated their best ideas into my life.

It has made a crucial difference to both my success and my stress levels, that’s for sure.

In Chapter Four:

I reveal one of the biggest causes of society: a fixed

I show you research that proves that this kind of mindset your chances of great success in life are I also reveal an alternative mindset that
will enable you to beat most of your competitors consistently.

Apply this simple paradigm and your life will blossom in every area.
I delve into the importance of energy

In Chapter Five:

Often unappreciated aspect of success. But think about it: isn’t that the person who has the energy to keep going is often the one who triumphs?

Look at any high achiever and you’ll see they have bountiful energy and verve. I share some really useful tips on how to boost yours.


In Chapter Six:

I examine the dangers of not asking the right questions. The truth is, it’s the quality of the questions you habitually ask yourself that determines the progress you make.

Ask yourself shallow or negative questions and you’ll get uninspiring answers. but train yourself to ask insightful questions and you can often turn around even major failures occurring in your life.

I present you with a series of powerful questions I ask myself to overcome setbacks and problems that arise in my life.

Make them a part of yours and you’ll be amazed at how fast situations can improve.

Chapter Seven:

is all about poor presentation skills. They’re a big reason people fail in their careers.you can have great content in your presentation

but if you don’t present in a pleasing, confident, inspiring way many people will not treat you as a serious contender. Like it or not.

people do judge by appearances. Are you sabotaging your success by presenting yourself physically, attitudinally, or verbally in a bad way, don’t worry if you are. I’ve got some easy ways to fix it and presenting superbly and making a major impression on the poo around you.


What about your IQ u score poorly in that area?

Well, I show you important research that says that your IQ matter much less than most people think.

What really counts is IQ you otherwise known as emotional intelligence.

Chapter eight :

Alone is enough to turn many lives around. once you learn how to develop your EQ, your success level will leap dramatically.

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