Many years ago, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale who was a colleague of mine, but he was still alive wrote a book called the power of positive thinking

It’s still one of the most popular books on personal success and personal development ever written, and his basic message was if you think positively

You’ll have positive results, and you’ll be happy most of the time so how do you use the power of positive thinking, well they did a study at the University of Pennsylvania.

What you think most of the time:

it was funded by some of the biggest companies in America and over a 22 year period they interviewed more than 350,000 people like you and

I asked them a lot of questions about their lives and their attitudes and so on, and one of the questions they asked them is what do you think about most of the time

Then they conducted a series of experiments is they would have graduate students who are working on their papers in psychology or sociology phone

These people once a week at random during the week and just say what are you thinking about right now and they write it down and the next week

They call them on a different day at a different time this is all pre-arranged that they would be expecting the call sometime and what are you thinking about right now

What do top people think:

And they write it down then they began to sort these groups out in terms of vehicles which is ten percent the bottom 10% the next 10% all the way up to the top 10% and

They notice that people in the top 10% thought very differently from people in the bottom 80%

what do top people think about most of the time can you guess the answer was so simple

it was amazing they think about what they want and how to get it most of the time they think about what they want and out again they think about their goals and

They think about their priorities and they think about their actions and activities each day they think about the number of people they need to call on and the number of proposals

They need to put together the number of things they need to read and just study, they’re always thinking about

what they want and when you think about what you want it makes you happy

It makes you positive makes you feel in control of your whole life and then they think about how to get it so in my seminars

Leadership and success:

I’ll say that the most important word for leadership and success is the word how whenever you have a goal the only question you has is how can I achieve this goal

If ever you have a problem how can I solve this problem if you have an obstacle how can I overcome the obstacle top people think about what they want and

How to get it most of the time and as a result, they are thinking about their goal and

they’re thinking about the actions that they could take every single minute of every day to move faster toward achieving that goal

What Earl Nightingale said:

Earl Nightingale once said that happiness is the progressive step-by-step realization of a worthy ideal or goal

When you feel yourself moving step by step each hour each day toward achieving something that is important to you,

you feel positive and happy most of the time, by the way, do you know what unsuccessful people think about most of the time

They think about what they don’t want the things that make them angry or sad usually past events that they can’t change, and they think about who’s to blame for all their problems

So whenever you see people talking and complaining about things that they can not change things in their life

That is their responsibility and then blaming others for their problems you know you are dealing with a negative

The unhappy person with a very limited future and a very unhappy present

so the way you take control of your mind like grabbing the wheel of a vehicle you begin to think about what you need and how to get it all-day

Long and you automatically become positive and start to feel in complete control of your life

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