POSITIVE AFFIRMATION| How to Affirm Your Success

Here we are going to know about POSITIVE AFFIRMATION| How to Affirm Your Success and how we can affirm your success, Hope you will get a lot of knowledge from this article read the complete article.

Next on my morning training list are affirmations. This is simply the technique of saying aloud words or phrases that help you focus on your goals and increase your belief in your ability to achieve them.

I usually say mine to myself for five minutes or so as I’m driving to the gym in the morning. Here are some of the phrases I say to myself three times each during my drive.

12 powerful affirmations: POSITIVE AFFIRMATION| How to Affirm Your Success

  • I am always happy and relaxed.
  • I am highly active.
  • I exercise five times a week.
  • I have excellent health and a great body.
  • I enjoy it every day.
  • I am bright and focused.
  • I am highly organized.
  • I am always grateful.
  • I uplift others.
  • I am a master of my mind.
  • I am a champion
  • I love my work

Right now, many of you are probably laughing at such a technique, But before you scoff too much.

you should know that some of the world’s finest athletes use similar affirmations to maximize their performance.
Alex Rodriguez, one of the greatest baseball players of all time (and one of the richest), is one of them.

proof that positive affirmations work:

Rodriguez made history when he signed the world’s first $250 million sports contract.
Here’s what Alex had to say about his affirmation and visualization routine.

The way I use my mind is the biggest reason, and I’ve been able to enjoy success. And I always try to attain goals mentally first.

Let me give you an example: I don’t want to sound cocky, but early within the 1996 season,

I visualized winning the American League, most precious Player award and holding it above my head. I am visional winning the batting title and holding up that trophy too, and that year I missed winning the MVP by three votes and won the batting title.

I am affirmations:

Just as I believe in dreams, I believe in the power of positive reinforcement and visualization. Some nights once I attend bed, I will be able to tell myself, maybe 150 times, and

I hit the ball solid. What do I do for a living and I hit the ball solid, I see the results from my imagination out sometimes

I think a champion wins in his mind first, then he plays the sport, not the other way around. It’s powerful stuff.

These are not the words of a crazy man. These are the words of a person dedicated to performing at the absolute highest levels, a true champion.

If you are serious about achieving at a world-class level, give affirmations a go for a couple of weeks-you’ll be surprised at their powerful effect

Right, let’s do a brief recap on where we are in the mental fitness regime. Each morning you are spending a few minutes visualizing perfect performance and saying affirmations that focus you on your aims.

Then throughout the day, you are using the SCORE technique to remain clear and positive and the Breath Release technique to let go of stress as it occurs.

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