Yes, your brain is your ally and how we have descrived read everything deeply and peacefully and read the entire post.

Your brain is designed to assist you in the most extraordinary power ways.

but if you never give it clear instructions about what you’re seeking in life, it will struggle to help you make progress.

Clarity leads to greatness. In fact, a clear purpose is an ass prerequisite for excellence in any aspect of your life. I guarantee that if you are having long-term trouble in any area of your life, it is because of uncertainty about your real purpose in that area.

The power of clarity is absolutely stupendous. It really is on primary determinants of the level of success and happiness you in your life.

With that in mind, it pays to go even deeper with your life clarification. This won’t be time-consuming, either. Just grab a clean sheet of paper and a pen and I’ll show you how to get greater clarity on your life than you’ve probably ever had before, in just minutes.

I call these next exercises “The Three-Minute Masterplans,” because in only three minutes you can take a good look at your life and get absolute clarity on what you want.



1. Ideal Person Clarity


Now, while you’re on a roll, take three minutes to brainstorm your ideal person clarity. This one’s all about you. What type of person would you really like to be? What’s your ideal personality? Are you noble? Confident? Efficient? Relaxed? Spiritual? Joyful?

write down five character traits you wish you possessed. remember, you don’t have to think deeply about it, just jot some thoughts down. you can always change them later.

Now take a look at that list. You should find that ideal person inspiring. you should even feel a little excited at the possibility that you could become that type of human. well, I can promise you this: if you read that list each morning and train yourself to think about those characteristics several times throughout the day, you will inevitably begin to become that person. it is one of the great truisms of life that we become what we consistently think about. but you must first be clear about the type of human you wish to become.

2. Life Partner Clarity


if you’re single but don’t want to be, take three minutes to write down all the character traits you’d like in your ideal partner. Don’t think too much about the traits, just write them down fast. aim to list at least five. In no time at all, I bet, you’ll be much clearer on what your ideal partner is like-his or her appearance and behavior, and what he or she stands for in life. having that clarity in your mind will give you a much better chance of recognizing such a person when you meet him or her. it will also make clear who is not right for you.

3. Friendship Clarity


Finally, we come to the third three-minute exercise, focusing on friendship clarity.

         It’s a fact that we become like the people we hang out with. As the saying goes, “You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” The people around you affect you in more ways than you may think at first.

Slowly, subtly, almost imperceptibly, your attitudes start to become like theirs, your actions begin to be in accordance with their way of thinking. Then before you know it, you’ve adopted many of your friends’ beliefs and ways of behaving.

          That’s why it’s so imperative that you choose your friends carefully. each of them should display at least several character traits that you admire. but what exactly are the traits you most admire in a friend?

The truth is, most people have never thought about it. Their group of friends just happened-they didn’t consciously choose them. as a result, the quality of some of those friendships is poor. And poor-quality friendships usually lead to a low-quality life.

Take three minutes now to write a list of five character traits you’d like your friends to have.

Once you review the list, you’ll probably realize that a few of your friends don’t really make the grade. They are lacking almost all of the traits you’d like in a good friend.

Possibly you became friends almost by accident and remained friends largely because of habit. Well, mayo it’s time to cease the friendship.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting you terminate important friendships just because your pals aren’t “ideal people. The truth is, you may get along fantastically with them and greatly value your time together. But I am asking you to take an honest, hard 100 friends and ask yourself this question: are these the type of people 1 really want to spend the rest of my life hanging out with:

If the answer is no, then you should consider seeing less of them and spending more time each month looking for the kind of friends you know (deep down) you deserve.


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