HOW DESTRUCTIVE THINKING AFFECT: To me this is a self-evident fact. If I am trying to reach a major goal but deep down I don’t really think I will achieve it,

then I am much more likely to give up at the first sign of an obstacle or hardship. After all, why flog myself to reach a seemingly unreachable goal?

Compare this attitude with that of an optimist. Optimists believe passionately that they will achieve their goals, almost irrespective how many bumps they encounter along the road.

As a result they keep persisting and pushing until finally, they achieve what they set out to do. It’s entirely logical.

Power of positive thinking:

In my opinion people who don’t believe in the power of positive thinking simply have not properly considered the connection between our thinking and our likelihood of persevering until we triumph.

This relationship between thought and outcome is best summed up by the simple diagram here.



            Expressed in words, the diagram says that your thinking affects what actions you take. Those actions then give you some kind of result, and then the result changes how you think.

There is a direct connection between your thinking and your actions; therefore, the quality of your thinking is exceedingly important to reaching your final goal.

Experiment on power of the mind: psychologist Gary Mack

           Top sports psychologist Gary Mack talked of an experiment on the power of the mind that he regularly carried out when he coached professional sports teams.

          First he got all the athletes to stand up. Then he asked them a simple but important question:

Who believes that their performance on the sporting field is affected by how they think, by at least 50 percent reported that at least half the room agreed.

         Mack then asked a very powerful question: “If most of you believe that your state of mind changes your final performance so greatly,

why aren’t you spending 10, 20, 30 or even 50 percent of your training time on thinking in the right way?” The room was usually silent,

because it had suddenly occurred to these professional sportspeople that they were not devoting nearly enough time to mind training for peak performance.


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