Breath is a very mandatory thing for life so here we are going to know about HOW MUCH POWER OF BREATH.

I call the second mind technique I use each day the Breath Release, and it’s as effective as the SCORE technique.


It’s based on the theory that throughout the day we encounter numerous little mental stresses that store themselves inside our body.

These can be released with breathing exercises just like physical tensions can be released through a massage.

            The technique is really simple. Several times a day, when you have a spare moment or two, take a few moments to think about whatever has stressed you.

Then take a deep breath and as you breathe out, imagine that the stress is leaving your body. Visualize the tension leaving you as you slowly exhale.

Then on each new inhalation imagine you are being filled with calm and joy.

Effective Technique:

Try it once, right now. It’s a remarkably effective technique. when you release your stress numerous times throughout the day you’ll usually find that by the end of the day you hardly feel stressed at all.

But if you don’t regularly release the tension of the day it will almost inevitably rise inside you, making you feel uptight and on edge by the time the sun goes down.

       It’s the belief of many stress experts that it’s because we let tension (mental and physical) develop inside us over the years that our health begins to break down.

Certainly, anyone who has read the works of the famous heart doctor Dean Ornish will be acquainted with the medical research that links heart disease to ongoing stress.

It’s not a huge leap to assume that cancer is affected by unreleased stress as well.

          That’s why the Breath Release technique is so powerful. It stops the development of major stresses by nipping them in the bud early when they’re just beginning to arise.

              Breathing deeply together with the SCORE technique are the two mental strategies I use all through the day.

Typically I will do each technique five to ten times a day, depending on how busy or how stressed I am.believe me, they make a huge difference in my mood and performance.

              Next, we come to the mental exercises I do in the morning only: visualization and affirmations.


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