Albert Einstein: Success Story, Biography, Education

Albert Einstein: Success Story, Biography, Education

Say them aloud many people believed Einstein would never succeed at anything When he was 5 years old his dad demonstrated him a straightforward pocket compass and

Einstein was fascinated and that was the beginning of his obsession with science He also began playing the violin at the age of six and would continue to play throughout his life at school

Einstein was a good student most of his grades were high and he was close to the highest point of his group yet mostly on account of math and science

So his grades depended mostly on his interest in the subject when Einstein was only 10 years old he started educating himself by the age of 12.

When Albert Einstein becomes school dropout:

Albert Einstein

Einstein taught himself geometry and by the age of 15 he mastered calculus but he hated the disciplined and rigid style of the teachers

So he dropped out of school at the age of 15 and left Germany to avoid military service His parents were worried that their son became a school dropout with no employable skills and not very promising future

But Albert Einstein did not quit his education he applied to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and believe it or not he failed the entrance exam Albert Einstein failed an exam well he wasn’t prepared he excelled at math and physics but his knowledge and

Subjects other than that was not good so he failed the exam and had to take it a second time and then he was admitted there

How He Overcame Every Obstacle And Won a Nobel Prize:

Albert Einstein

He met his future wife Mileva Maric she was the only woman among the six students in that section after finally graduating

He couldn’t get a job in academia for almost a decade every one of his professors knew that Albert was brilliant but they were also bothered by his rebellious and disobedient side

They refused to recommend him for various positions so the academic institutions wouldn’t hire him but young Einstein needed money

he got a job as a clerk in a patent office the job was mostly mindless and very easy for I’m Stein so he liked the job because he had so much free time to study in research while working there and

He developed his most important theories while working his boring job he developed the hypothesis of relativity and the world’s most renowned condition

Einstein was nominated for a Nobel Prize but didn’t get it until 11 years after the fact Albert Einstein became the most influential physicists of the 20th century his research changed the world

He wrote hundreds of books:

Albert Einstein

He wrote hundreds of books and was also a great philosopher so there are so many things to be learned I have no special talent I’m only passionately curious

So follow your curiosity whatever that is see where it goes never be afraid to question the world around you and don’t be afraid of failing and making mistakes along the way a person

Who never made a mistake never tried anything new there to discover and there to make mistakes that’s What divides successful people from unsuccessful don’t be afraid to conquer your fears and don’t be afraid to follow your passion

you don’t need to be the following Einstein be the best you can so rise up tomorrow and become a person you would be proud of the world is waiting for you so what’s your story

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